There are many times when the decision to reupholster a piece of furniture is the best option.  Perhaps this is an heirloom piece that is showing the ravages of time, perhaps it is just a favorite piece that fits perfectly in that little nook.  It might even be a flea market treasure that deserves a new life!  Whatever the reason, if you have a piece of upholstered furniture that needs a change, look to Bungalow Studios to work with you through the whole process.

Now, reupholstery is not necessarily a money-saver  Each piece is a unique endeavor with its own challenges and possibilities, but the creative process of choosing a luscious new fabric and seeing your ideas become reality, and the changes in a room by a well placed piece, make the expense worthwhile.

So, imagine your room with a new centerpiece, or perhaps the perfect supporting accent.  Envision the walls with a sun-washed glaze, and the windows framed by a coordinating fabric.  And in the midst, the sofa, love seat or chair that you helped create.

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